The Connection Between Hormones and Stretch Mark Issues

A lot of pregnant women can’t seem to avoid the rupturing of the collagen and elastin fibers underneath the skin. This mainly occurs whenever there’s a rapid gain in body weight. In this case, the stomach expands to make way for the growing fetus inside her body.

As a result, the skin around the tummy begins to stretch beyond its limits, resulting in the condition known as striae. However, this condition is more commonly known as stretch marks. This is something which isn’t limited to just pregnant woman, by the way.

The truth is, even adolescents, overweight males and body builders get to experience it too. So long as there is any massive change in body weight or physical shape, the skin will have to accommodate those changes, resulting in skin being stretched.

One question that’s been on many people’s mind is “What is the cause of stretch marks?” It’s a question that has long been unanswered, with many experts in the world of science and medicine finding themselves unable to detect even just a single cause.

However, there’s one theory that’s being on the end of a lot of research studies lately, and it’s got a lot to do with glucocorticoids. According to many findings, this plays a very large role in the development of stretch mark issues among both men and women.

Some additional facts regarding this theory can be found below.

  1. There has been a lot of speculation on how stretch marks could end up developing on a person’s body if there are extremely high amounts of glucocorticoids found in a person’s blood stream. These glucocorticoids are made out of steroid hormones of varying classes. These hormones are actually produced naturally by the human body, with one common example being cortisol, which is also referred to as hydrocortisone. Whenever there are situations of stress, whether mental or physical, occurring, there’s definitely a huge chance that cortisol will be produced in profuse amounts as well.
  2. Stress is indeed a culprit for the many changes that the human body undergoes, and stress could be a lot of things as well. It may even be a time wherein a person skips out on their meals, and this could lead the body to transition into a mode of survival, wherein they would experience cortisol being produced abundantly in order to maintain proper regulation of glucose levels in the human body. This is something that can be counteracted by eating a lot more, which then leads to weight gain. This will, in turn, lead to the development of stretch marks.
  3. There’s also pregnancy, as mentioned above, that causes stretch marks to develop, and this is perhaps the most common situations in which there is an escalation of cortisol levels in the body. For body builders, elevated production of cortisol also takes place since the various muscles in the body undergo massive activity and would require constant repair.

If there is one thing that experts have yet to determine, it’s whether or not glucocorticoids really do cause people stretch mark issues. There may be impairment in the natural collagen production under the skin, but there’s no direct relation to be determined as of the mean time.

Teeth Whitening Products

A person’s smile is a very powerful tool. It can turn a gloomy day into a bright and sunny one. It can remove frowns and make someone happy. It can also take away the wrinkles on one’s face! Among all the contagious things in the world, a person’s smile is the only safe and healthy one.

When you are seen smiling by another person, he/she could easily like (or love) you because of that. Most people in this world would want to see people who show their teeth and smile rather than those who would just like to frown all day! That is why, it is very important to keep smiling and show everyone those lovely pearls of yours.

But what if those pearls aren’t as lovely and as white enough? One can still smile but it is not that beautiful as those who have pearly white teeth. In this society, white teeth are considered to be very attractive and beautiful. No wonder a lot of people would try a lot of different products or methods just to whiten their teeth and make them more attractive.

What are the ways to whiten the teeth?

A lot of teeth whitening products that can be bought in the market today. Most of them are in toothpaste form but some mouth wash products now have teeth whitening properties too. You can just from a lot of choices when you decide that you want to whiten your teeth.

  • Whitening Toothpaste – it has been designed that most toothpastes act to remove surface stains of a person’s teeth. However, for these whitening toothpastes, they have additional chemical agents that could remove surface stains and can help whiten the teeth. The chemicals found in these professional whitening toothpastes are carbamine peroxide or hydrogen peroxide that does not only clean the surface of the tooth, it can also go deeply as well.
  • Whitening Strips and Gels – these whitening strips and gels can be applied directly to the teeth which means, that if you have a tooth in particular that needed whitening so that its shade could be equal with the adjacent teeth, you can only target this. These strips and gels also contain carbamine peroxide or hydrogen peroxide gels that can be safely applied on the teeth. The gel application is required to be applied twice a day for fourteen days for an effective result.
  • Whitening Mouth wash or Rinses – these washes or rinses are one of the newest introduction of teeth whitening products in the market. Aside from whitening one’s teeth, it could also offer you a fresh and clean breath. Thus, it is recommended for use because of its multiple effects on one’s mouth.

Above are just few of the many over-the-counter products that one could use when he/she wishes to whiten the teeth. However, it is not a guarantee that after a short time (or perhaps long time for some) of usage of these products, one’s teeth could immediately whiten. It is best to consult your dentist so that you’ll know which among the products are effective and safe.

Breast Enhancement Pills: Are There any Side Effects?

Breast enhancement has long been a major priority for women who weren’t born with rather ample bosoms. While no one is ever created equal, the feeling of having smallish breasts can be rather frustrating, making a woman feels underdeveloped and insecure about their physique.

This is something which has long bothered several ladies who hit the beach in bikinis. They would see their gal pals sporting rather impressive chests and they themselves feel as if they were still going through puberty with their apparent flatness.

To a woman, having bigger breasts can really boost her self esteem and make her feel even better about herself.

The Popularity of Pills for Breast Enlargement

A lot of women have sought out treatments to improve their breast size, and among them is through the use of pills. These pills have certainly acquired such a positive reputation among the target market, simply because they have proven rather effective in making a woman’s chest even well-developed.

These pills can be acquired either through supplement stores or on the Internet. A lot of them are infused with natural ingredients which can stimulate the female hormones estrogen and progesterone, both of which are essential to the physical development of females.

Of course, not all pills are created equal as well. In fact, some may do more harm than good.

Potential Side Effects

Below are a few possible side effects that women may experience upon using these pills.

  • Since these pills stimulate increased production of estrogen, that can be a bad thing. Too much of this hormone being produced in the body can lead to the worsening of benign tumors, and ma even lead to some unwanted growths in other parts of the body. Some women would take their pills, not knowing that their menstrual cycles would be affected, especially when their periods seem to be heavier, and the cramps can get really bad.
  • Pregnant women should never use these pills at all. Considering that there are several hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, taking these pills would just mess everything up. The boobs will just grow naturally during this process. Once the child has been born and a woman is done with breast feeding, it would be a more appropriate time to consider taking those pills.
  • Some women may experience some allergic reactions when taking pills used for enhancing breast size. Those who have allergies to certain medications should be very careful about using these pills. Some herbs & plant ingredients in the se pills may not work well with one’s body chemistry, and may cause health problems such as hives, rash or even difficulty in breathing. It is always best to research on their ingredients before one decides to take full advantage of said pills.

Breast enhancement pills can do wonders for women who wish to increase the size of their breasts. However, it would be necessary to seek consultation from a physician before deciding to take the plunge and use these pills.

Home Treatments For Toenail Fungus

Having nice looking feet is always something that most women wish. Women also like men who have nice feet which are why most people really do have a lot of effort making sure that their feet is looking great and clean at all times.

One thing that people hate is that there are some instances that people suffer from toenail fungus. To know more about how people could treat this fungus, then a lot of them wish to look for the easiest and the cheapest way to treat it.

Listed here are few home treatments to try treating toenail fungus.

  • Tea tree oil is perfect in terms of getting rid of toenail fungus. This is a trusted home remedy that people all over the world use to treat their nails. The good thing about using tea tree is the fact that has antiseptic properties which is great in treating the fungus. This remedy is great in terms of preventing the fungus to grow. Be sure to apply it on the toenail and let it stay for about 10-15 minutes to make sure that it kills all the fungus easily.
  • Lavender is also a popular choice in treating toenail fungus. When using lavender in treating the fungus on the toenails, people should make sure that their toes are clean at all times. Clip off the nail that needs clipping. Then apply the lavender oil in the nail every after taking a bath. This will speed up the healing process when treating their nail fungus. The good thing about lavender is the fact that it helps replace the old nails with new ones.
  • Vinegar is also something that people could take advantage of. People should not only use ordinary vinegar but just use apple cider vinegar because it helps get rid of the fungus. People need to soak their feet on apple cider vinegar mixed in water and soak the feet for about 20 minutes.
  • Listerine is also a popular choice that people consider these days when treating their toenail fungus. It is also discovered that it does not only work well in getting rid of the bacteria in the mouth but is also a great treatment for toe nail fungus. People should try this out and find out how great it is in treating the fungal infection that affects the nails.
  • Olive oil and oregano also wok well in treating toenail fungus. Mix oregano and olive oil and be sure to apply it on the affected toenails on a daily basis for three weeks and people would certainly be able to see that the fungus will disappear.

These are some of the amazing home treatments that people may take advantage of when treating their toenail fungus.

These remedies are chosen and are used by most people because these are safe treatments and are equally effective just like some other drugs that doctors would recommend in treating toenail fungus. Try this out at home and get rid of that ugly toenail fungus forever.

Hair Removal: Benefits Of Waxing Over Other Hair Removal Methods

You could actually remove your unwanted hairs in different possible ways. There are already various methods available for you to use. There are natural methods and there are also clinical treatments, which could either be affordable or expensive in a way.

Most of the time, when it comes to clinical treatments, the cost would vary on how long the hair removal effect could settle. On the other hand, if the natural treatments are concerned, you could consider here patience, which is necessary in waiting for permanent results.

Usually, the natural methods of hair removal would result in progressive changes. The hair would first grow back thinner before it could permanently disappear.

There are various methods you could try to remove unwanted hairs. However, there are still methods that are considered to be best among others. One of the best methods mostly used by people is waxing. Waxing is considered to be effective and cost-efficient.

Waxing could take on two forms, which are hard waxing and strip waxing. In the strip waxing, the liquid wax would be applied on the skin in the hair growth’s direction.

After the wax cools down on the skin, a special strip cloth would be used to be pressed over the liquid wax. Then, after pressing, it would be ripped off bringing the unwanted hairs.

On the other hand, hard waxing would include another type of waxing mixture, which would not even require any waxing strip for hair removal. In this method, the layer of wax is to be peeled off together with the hair.

Basically, the method is praised because of its numerous advantages.

To give you a few, here are the following:

  • Removing hair simultaneously.

The waxing method would allow you to remove large amounts of hair together. Unlike with tweezing or plucking, the waxing method would help in instant removal of hair. Moreover, it could remove large amounts of hair on your arms, chest, back, as well as legs easily.

On the other hand, smaller areas, such as the upper lip and eyebrows, could also be waxed.

  • Long lasting effect.

You could be certain that with waxing, the hair would grow back after a longer period compared to other methods, which would promote early reappearance of hair. Generally, it would keep your skin hair free for about 3-8 weeks.

In addition to this, it would even make your skin smooth and silky.

  • Home convenience.

The waxing method would not only be specifically done in salons, but could also be done at home. You could simply buy waxing kits with detailed steps to follow. It would be safe as long as you practice and follow the instructions correctly.

This would also help you save money than paying for a waxing session in salon.

  • Quick procedure.

The waxing method could be done in a few minutes or an hour. Particularly, the time duration would depend on the hair growth area.

The above advantages of waxing just proved how efficient waxing is. Not only in terms of savings, but also in long term hair removal that is satisfying.

Several Options for Stretch Mark Removal

It’s pretty infuriating to deal with stretch marks, especially during the summer season. With most people wearing as little clothing as possible to avoid working up a sweat, someone who’s got a lot of stretch marks all over their body would think twice about going out in public wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts that reveal their thighs.

The sad truth is that there are over a million people in the world who suffer from this condition, and it’s something that’s caused by different factors as well. Some would develop these due to pregnancy, a rapid gain in body weight, sudden weight loss and even body building.

Because these marks are considered to very ugly, it has become a top priority for sufferers to look for ways on how to get rid of them.

Of course, one can choose from a variety of options to reduce their appearance on the thighs, the hips, the arms and even on the abdomen. Preventive measures must be taken in order for one to feel more secure about themselves.

Below are just a few of the suggestions for stretch mark removal.

  • It’s necessary for a person to avoid abrupt weight loss or weight gain as much as possible. The reason behind this is that the skin has a certain limit in terms of its natural elasticity. When there is a sudden change in body shape and size, it starts to stretch to accommodate that change. However, it may not be able to adjust quite fast enough and this would cause skin damage. Collagen fibers in the dermis would get ruptured, which then leads to the development of these thin streaks of skin which appear red at first, gradually turning silvery white as it heals. Most people who suffer from sudden bodily changes are pregnant women. While one cannot really tell a woman to not get pregnant, they can however engage in regular exercise to keep their skin firm and well toned despite the growing fetus inside their bellies.
  • With regard to exercise, it also helps if people decide to do so in a smart manner. Overdoing workouts can expand one’s muscles to the point wherein they would become way too big for the skin to adjust to. Even with all the muscles that one hopes to acquire, the skin can only take so much stretching. It is absolutely essential that exercising must be taken very seriously and that there is moderation practiced. Being excessive with workouts can certainly help build muscle mass a lot faster, but it could also rupture the collagen and elastin fibers under the skin.
  • It is also important to maintain moisture on the skin. People often expose themselves to extreme temperatures such as under the heat of the summer sun. This can lead to skin damage, which further opens up the possibility of developing stretch marks. Therefore, it absolutely necessary to avail of quality moisturizers containing natural ingredients such as plant extracts and herbs.

These tips should come quite handy when one is searching for stretch mark reduction. This condition is permanent, yet preventive measures can always be taken to reduce their visibility on the skin.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Having white teeth is indeed a gift because as a person grows old, his/her teeth would become less white. It’ll be tinted, usually of light yellow in color, because of exposure to environmental factors such as food with coloring, smoking, and etc.

Because of this, a lot of older people, including the teenage population, have barely white teeth and it is seldom to see people who have pearly whites.

For those people whose occupation entail talking and interacting with people, they usually decide to use teeth whitening products or go to a dentist for dental bleach so that they would look presentable in front of their clients.

Indeed, there are a lot of whitening products that could be found in the market nowadays. They even come in different forms and packages. Some whitening chemical agents are incorporated in toothpastes while some are already found in mouth washes.

For topical application, teeth whitening strips and gels are also now available and the results come in faster when compared to the whitening toothpastes.

If one really needs his/her teeth whitened in a short span of time, he/she could prefer to visit the dentist for the dental bleach or dental whitening; but the only downside to this method is that it is very expensive.

Despite the many teeth whitening products out there, it would be better if each and every one would know how teeth whitening happen.

Why is there yellowing of the teeth as one grows old?

Our tooth is made up of an inner dentin and an outer enamel layer. As one eats food, minute particles of the food would form a layer on top of the enamel and this is called the pellicle film layer.

Therefore this layer covers the natural white color of your teeth thus the stained color. However, when one brushes his/her teeth, this layer can be immediately removed but some of it stays and accumulates and deposits in the spaces of the enamel (the enamel by the way is a porous material).

How do the teeth whitening products make the teeth whiter?

Since normal toothbrushes cannot remove the deep and deposited pellicle film in tooth, these teeth whitening products have an extra chemical agent that can deeply penetrate the enamel to remove the unwanted food particles. Great thing is that it is not harmful to the enamel layer.

This product is called the carbamide peroxide. When this carbamide peroxide is applied onto the teeth, it then breaks down through an oxidation reaction and ends up to become urea and hydrogen peroxide.

This hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient that cleanses and whitens the teeth of a person.

Bottom line.

As long as a toothpaste, mouthwash or teeth whitening strips and gels would contain carbamide peroxide, then the product could be considered safe and effective.

But if one wishes to be sure of the technique that he/she uses, he/she could proceed to a dentist for consultation and recommendation of products. Or, he/she could opt to have a bleaching session to ensure the effectiveness of the teeth whitening technique that she used.

Breast Enhancement And Movie Stars

Movie stars are one of the people who are really obsessed about getting bigger breasts. They cannot help it because they have many good reasons as to why they crave bigger breasts.

This is why movie stars form a large part of the breast enhancement market. Hollywood has a lot of breast enhancement clinics that cater not only to big name movie stars but aspiring actresses who dream about one day being a movie star themselves.

For those who are curious as to why movie stars want bigger breasts, here are some of the major reasons why they do so.

Make a better impression

People often find that a woman with bigger breasts gives a better first impression than a woman with small breasts. It cannot be denied that bigger breasts do make quite an impression and making impressions is a very big thing with movie actresses.

A movie actress has to be able to command a scene just on the strength of her looks. This is why she is willing to do anything in order to improve the way she looks. If she has ordinary sized breasts, the audiences may tend to write her off because she is not making quite an impression.

A woman has to be very beautiful if she hopes to remain viable as a movie actress if she does not want to get big breasts.

Be more attractive

Movie actresses also rely on their sex appeal. This is what makes them popular. One of the best ways to describe a great movie actress is that men want them and women want to be them.

All the most popular movie actresses are known for their great sex appeal. Sometimes, their natural sex appeal is not enough. This is most especially true if an actress is in competition with other equally appealing actresses.

Getting bigger breasts can be a big help because it gives them an advantage over other actresses. Sometimes, getting a movie role that they really want is already a good enough reason for them to get bigger breasts.

It is a very good investment

It cannot be denied that the movie industry is a very superficial industry. Looks are sometime more important than talent. This is the main reason why many movie stars see nothing wrong with regards to investing in order to improve their looks.

Many movie actresses have no worries about spending thousands of dollars in order to get bigger breasts because this investment will greatly pay itself back.

By getting bigger breasts, a movie actress can get better offers, more roles and even command a higher talent fee. Many studios are willing to pay top dollar for a very appealing actress that has some degree of talent.

Since many movie actresses actually get breast enhancement, the industry is actually using this culture to try to promote breast enhancement products to ordinary citizens.

If it is good enough for the actresses that they admire, then they would immediately think that it will also be good enough for them.

Things To Remember When Treating Toenail Fungus

The toes are definitely what makes the feet beautiful which is why it deserves to be cleaned and pampered at all times. The thing is, there are some things that could affect the appearance of the toes and one of which is when people suffer from toenail fungus.

When people suffer from such, they become embarrassed by it and would usually result to wearing socks even if the temperature is too high.

To know more about the dos and don’ts about toenail fungus, here are some things that people need to be aware of.

  • Tip 1- It is important that people who suffer from such see a podiatrist. A podiatrist is a foot doctor and be sure to follow what advice the podiatrist would give to be sure that people would be able to know how to treat it and get rid of it.
  • Tip 2- People should not take their infection for granted. This is something that people should really take seriously because if not, it might make the toe condition worse or might end up ruining the looks of those pretty feet.
  • Tip 3-Toenail fungus would not go away if people would not treat it. It is important that people find ways on how to treat their toenail fungus or else they would have to suffer from having those ugly looking toenail for the longest time.
  • Tip 4- Be sure to consult an expert and never formulate a medication on your own. It is still best if the medications used to treat toenail fungus would come from expert and not just some magazines or not out of what most people think and wish to try. This is because instead of treating the fungus, it might just make its condition a lot worse.
  • Tip 5- Hygiene is important so be sure to avoid sharing towels, socks and shoes to other people. This is the best way of preventing people from suffering from toenail fungus. It is not a good idea to borrow shoes or socks from someone because what if that someone has toenail fungus? It is better to avoid it than to get infected because of sharing socks and shoes to other people.
  • Tip 6- It is important that people who are infected with toenail fungus should take their treatment or medication seriously. Make sure to follow the instructions of the medication or treatments advised by doctors to be able to ensure that it would help get rid of the fungus.
  • Tip 7- People should always bear in mind to change their socks everyday. Most people are usually used to using their socks over and over and this is something that should be avoided or else, there is a huge possibility that people would have to deal with toenail fungus.

These are some things that people should know about the dos and don’ts of treating toenail fungus. These are things that people should always bear in mind to make sure that they would be able to treat their toenail fungus fast.

Hair Removal: Natural Methods For Removing Hair

Hair plays an important role in the system or in your body. Obviously, you also need hairs in order to protect various areas in your body, especially the skin.

However, when it comes to excessive hairs, you could already find yourself too anxious on how you could remove such hairs. Most of the time, the excessive hair could already ruin your reputation of being good-looking.

There are ones that experience difficulties in terms of having unwanted hairs on their face, underarms, and even on their legs. Due to this, they are now on the run to find the best treatment to remove the hairs.

As of today, there are too many treatments available for your hair removal procedure. The treatments could basically vary from clinic-based to home-based. In such case, it would still be your option whether to trust chemical products or just use natural ingredients to remove hairs.

Basically, if it is your first time to remove the unwanted hairs, make it sure to use safer options, such as the home-based hair removal methods. In that case, though you may make mistakes, you would still have reason to repeat the procedure for correction.

To give you a few of the natural methods to remove unwanted hairs, here are the following:

  • The Lemon Juice Mixture

You could simply create the mixture by mixing 10mL lemon juice squeezed from natural lemons and 30g of sugar. Relatively, you would also add 150 mL of water to this mixture. Make sure to combine the ingredients well.

You would apply the mixture on your face, following the direction of your hair growth. You would leave the mixture for about 15 minutes. The mixture would help in removing facial hair as you exfoliate the skin.

Moreover, the mixture would also help with constricting the organic tissues in your skin.

  • The Waxing Kit

You could use a home-made waxing kit at home. Relatively, the kit could also be bought in pharmacies. Don’t you worry for the waxing kit would definitely contain natural ingredients. You just have to warm up the wax before using it.

After which, you could now apply it to the area where your unwanted hairs are growing. Next, you should apply the strip on top of the wax. Then, you would pull the strip in the direction opposite to the hair growth. Make sure to keep the strip flat to the skin.

  • The Lemon Juice Facial Mask

If your unwanted hairs are present in your face, you could simply squeeze in 10mL of lemon juice in a 150 mL amount of water. After which, you could add 30g of flour in the mixture in order to create a paste-like mixture.

The mixture should be applied and be left on your skin for 15 minutes. Then, you could simply scrub your face in the hair growth’s direction.

The above natural methods could be easily done at home. The ingredients needed are also easy to collect. Just make sure to regularly apply the methods so that the hairs would grow back thinner or may not appear again at all.

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